7. Isaac –Gliding Faith

Isaac is “gliding” on the faith and blessings of his father. While he does carry the legacy to some extent, we do see numbness to God taking over and complacency setting in.

The Patriarchs of Israel

  • Abraham – Soaring Faith
  • Isaac – Gliding Faith
  • Jacob –Compelling Faith
  • Joseph – Unwavering Faith

In this journey...


  • Realize the value of what God has entrusted to us and be good stewards
  • Receive/ propagate the legacy he has given us

Isaac –Gliding Faith-Presentation Overview

Isaac was “winging it” or “gliding” on the faith of his father..we do not see any additional spectacular demonstrations in his faith. He is:

  • Born by (his father’s) faith
  • Blessed by (his father’s) faith
  • Bonded (in marriage) by (his servant’s) faith
  • Blunders are overruled by (God’s) grace 
  • Discussion – stewards of God’ grace

Born by (his Father’s) Faith

Gained life by faith

After decades, the faith child is born.

Regained life through fire

God gives him life, God has the right to take away Isaac

He trusted his father completely and obeyed even through threat of death.

Born by (his father’s) faith

When we receive God’s blessings, to what level are we prepared to obey and give?

We are only stewards and not owners of God’s blessings.

Blessed by (his father’s) faith

v.Inherited his father’s blessings

Gen 24 v 1 “Abraham was now an old man. God had blessed Abraham in every way” (MSG).

Isaac was the sole inheritor of those blessings.

Gen 25:5 “But Abraham gave everything he possessed to Isaac.

v.6…he gave gifts to the sons he had by concubines…but then sent them away…

Blessed by (his father’s) Faith

  • (Gen 26) “I’ll bless you and make your children flourish because of my servant Abraham”.
  • (Gen 26:7-10) Isaac makes the same mistakes of his father (pretending his wife is his sister).
  • (Gen 26:17-32) He has his father’s generosity eg. in the case of well disputes, he gives them away.
  • God prospers him.

Blessed by (his father’s) Faith

  • (Gen 25:21) He prays for a son when his wife is barren
  • (Gen 26:25) He also has a spirit of gratitude and builds an altar when God blesses him.
  • (Gen 26:28-30) He has peaceful relations with neighbours

Blessed by (his father’s) Faith

The influence of godliness (and sin) extend beyond an individual to his family to generations.

On the flip side, every individual is 100% responsible for good or evil in their lives (Ezekiel 18:20)

Video Clip

While Isaac was hitting it out on his own, eventually it was the loving God, family and friends who helped him hold on to his privileged status as patriarch of Israel.

Mistakes overruled by God’s Grace

Double blindness

  • Isaac is physically blind – cannot see his sons.
  • He is spiritually blind in the context of blessing. Though God tells Rebekah that Jacob will rule Esau (Gen 25:23), he plans to give the prime blessing to Esau based on physical appetite and personal preference.

Blunders overruled by God’s grace

Double reversal of his children’s blessings:

  • The blessing meant for Jacob was being planned for Esau.
  • The blessing he thinks he is giving Esau is given to Jacob

Rebekah helps Jacob outsmart Esau’s validation strategy

God’s choice for the blessing was Jacob, so the reversal was actually God’s plan

Did Isaac have the right to decide who the blessing went to?

We are only stewards of God’s gifts.

Bonded by (his servant’s) Faith

Won his bride

Abraham’s servant prays for God’s leading to find a bride for Isaac- a task entrusted by Abraham. Isaac wins a beautiful bride of God’s choice. Isaac is comforted in his mother’s death.

Acquired Children by Faith

Like his mother, Isaac’s wife is barren. He prays and gets children by faith.

God takes away and God gives …

Stewards of God’s word

We need to hold what we have in the open palm of our hands – without clinging to anything. Everything has been entrusted to us by God.

1 Cor 4:1,2

“This, then, is how you ought to regard us: as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the mysteries God has revealed. Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.”


  • ut papers / post- its with people’s names on wall
  • Ask team to write under respective names, gifts they see (in others)
  • Sit in a circle – ask each person how they use these gifts
  • Pray for each other’s gifts, that they will use their gifts for the purpose created.

Stewards of God’s gifts - Discussion

  • In what instances was Isaac a good steward?
  • In what instances was Isaac a poor steward?
  • What were the reasons for poor stewardship?
    • Fear takes over(with Abimelech)
    • Flesh takes over (with blessing)
    • Others?
  • What challenges do we face with respect to stewardship and how do we overcome them?

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