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In Old Testament (OT) times, God chose people (TOUCHPOINTS), interacting with them in innumerable ways.

This, in the light of the New Testament (NT), brings deep perspectives on the Word. GOD’s TOUCHPOINTS has four parts, the first being OT Summary, Patriarchs – covering key people and foundations.

The sequel is GOD REVEALED – an NT Journey. Following the “additional reading” passages provided will take you through the entire bible in both series.

(OT) Journey Lesson 1 to 3

(OT) Journey Lesson 4-5

(OT) Journey Lesson 6 to 8

(OT) Journey Lesson 9 to 11

(OT) Journey Lesson 12 to 14


Israel had the unique privilege of directly being ruled by God who established the operational systems through Moses. God raised Judges to lead. All they needed to do was obey and worship God. This would have guaranteed prosperity, power and attracted nations to their sovereign God.

The leaders, however grow weaker along with the Israelites, till there is virtually no governance. As always a few stars shine out, including women.

(OT) Journey Lesson 15 to 16

(OT) Journey Lesson 17 to 18

Reign of Royalty

They walk through the sea, are led by fire and smoke, break defensive walls and defeat powerful enemies. Yet Israel demands a king, defying God, who gives in after warning them.

Very few kings honour God, and the rest drive Israel into exile, slavery and fragmentation.

The leadership typifies church leadership today. There exist very few through whom God is building His kingdom and penetrating the ends of the earth.

(OT) Journey Lesson 19 to 21

(OT) Journey Lesson 22 to 23

(OT) Journey Lesson 24 to 26

Prophetic Era

Prophets take the limelight as kings flail, warning leaders and people of God’s impending judgment. For every true prophet there are several quacks pushing people back into delusion and complacency.

(OT) Journey Lesson 27 to 29

(OT) Journey Lesson 30 to 32

(OT) Journey Lesson 33 to 35


As a flash of light in darkness, the New Testament (NT) blazes hope to a world in sin. Through his sacrificial death, Christ absolves sin and shares His Kingdom – a choice offered to everyone who believes in Him. That choice, once made, mandates obedience to the benchmark lifestyle revealed by Christ in the NT.

Having 4 parts and 30 lessons, GOD REVEALED, a New Testament Journey is a sequel to GOD’S TOUCHPOINTS, An Old Testament Journey.

Gospels and Acts

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Paul’s letters

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Is our life progressively changing after encountering Christ? How can we build assets that last beyond life? How can we radiate joy, contentment and peace in all situations?

This, and much more is addressed in Paul’s letters. Not only does he teach. He leads by example. As false teachings and leaders are fast penetrating, these letters rock churches into strong defence and action. Their undiluted truths continue to transform lives.

Powerful letters

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They rocked the early churches. Written by Jesus’ closest disciples, John and Peter, his half-brothers, James and John, and an enigmatic author, these letters continue to overturn thinking. They equip us to defend and attack the evil forces and dark ages. They inspire, empower and enable us to allow Christ to live through us. They encourage us to enlarge our vision to see the world from the perspective of eternity.

How will the world end? What is the future like?

Perceived the most mysterious book in the bible, in reality the clearest from the future perspective, is, in fact, a revelation. If we don’t get locked into distracting diversions, the plan is simply and clearly laid out.

It gives us an amazing glimpse of the devastating end of evil and the glorious new beginning for the redeemed in Christ.

Similar to our current day scenario – false teachers abound attracting millions. The few who stand for truth may appear victims but in God’s power are victors and sway the future. Exciting glimpses of the future are also touched upon.