God’s Touchpoints


In Old Testament times, God interacted directly with chosen leaders. Written records did not exist in the first couple of thousand years. After that there were few written records of Scriptures as we have today.

God chose certain people (TOUCHPOINTS) and interacted with them in innumerable ways. The Old Testament has these recorded in detail. Studying these interactions will enable us to know more about God and the composition of great leaders – invaluable lessons for life.

The Old Testament in the light of the New Testament brings fabulous perspectives and deep insights into how we can live life to make impact for God. There are four major sections in this series: Patriarchs. Judges, Reign of Royalty, Prophetic Era. The sequencing has been as chronological as possible, not necessarily biblical sequencing.

May this journey through His Word be and exciting road of discovery, learning and personal transformation.



Reign of Royalty

Prophetic Era